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cjwerleman USA “Members of the Hindu Right-wing group Bajrang Dal pushed and heckled her even after she pleaded that she had married the Muslim man out of her free will and was three months pregnant…she suffered a miscarriage.” Global Correspondent for Byline Times. Columnist for Inside Arabia. Activist against Islamophobia. Plz support:
JohnBevere Colorado God doesn't determine your effectiveness for the Kingdom—you do. This statement doesn't take away from the sovereignty of God. It's a testimony of His trust in us and His desire for us to exercise our God-given free will. How will you steward the gifts God has put in your life? Husband of @LisaBevere | Father of 4 Men | Cofounder of @messengerintl | Intl Speaker | Author of #KillingKryptonite #GoodOrGod #DrivenByEternity
ErinBurnett Me: “How can you ever be sure that her appearances aren’t staged if she isn’t allowed to leave China on her own free will and speak publicly?” IOC’s Dick Pound: “Well there’s lots of countries where you can’t leave the country easily and so forth…” #PengShuai Anchor of Erin Burnett OutFront.
SuhailSsharma Punjab, India @HappymonJacob Living, paying taxes and working is your choice out of ‘Free will’ , doesn’t allow one to pass judgements on your others ‘next available flight’ choice!! Everester, Seeker, Public Service Scholar - Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Disclaimer:Views/opinions expressed are personal.
koshurcommenter @amartyadey88 "Allowed": who said these things are allowed? We are given free will, we choose in this world. If there were no free will and everything good, there would be no meaning in creation. ⓘ Yi user chu jaldi follow back karaan
MohdRejabAhmad Kedah, Malaysia Free Will and Determinism (part 3). Ex-RMN Officer.
TheDistinctive2 @InevCalamity @spacebit_ @cwt_news It's not that unnuanced since these different issues can't be compared 1:1. When you use your body to create a life and another person that has their own rights, you don't have a right to continuously use your body and free will to kill this life.
Gypsy65000876 🌎 @Zieleds @NurseNys Be careful…..the price of free will comes at a cost when you put your faith in man instead of GOD. Lets learn from the mistakes of others and stand firm in the light of Truth. Sorry for your loss my friend 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 Mathew 6:22 🙏🏼 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. 💕💓💗 Lets Go Brandon! FJB!
ThibodauxFamily Thibodaux, Louisiana In the great love of God, He created us in His image and likeness. In His beauty we have the free will of choice & therefore determine our daily outcomes. We're a non-denominational Christian church, here to reveal Jesus to our community and our world, and to train people to win in life through Christ Jesus!
rankodimoti Croatia @occultb0t "We die different deaths everyday" Similar to the plot of movie Moon (2009). The idea is that something is extinguished inside us every day that prevents us from having free will and doing different things that would change the course of destiny. You cannot understand a system until you try to change it. KURT LEWIN DK: THE PSYCHOLOGY BOOK
imtweeting4462 @RiosElie @KatiePavlich Who are you to judge. Your not the boss of them. Clowns screaming about gun control and mask mandates have a lot of nerve trying to take away a woman's free will for her own body.
striking_hard New Delhi @manjukachhap @logicalvoter @goon_arindam @ndtv @OnReality_Check Nobody raises questions over free will. People do when missionaries allures and target needy people for conversion. This pic is a conversion center from kerala when HC called it out. strng belief in Equality, a vegetarian, Wnt 2 rip hypocrites aprt factually. hates pseudo seculars, 💓❤Chelsea critics of all political parties mainly INC n BJP
Sweet_Tea_Girl @JamesDeauxIV @abobbination @PurpleRain713 @DeeIsntDone @AOC Let’s step that back a little… It’s irresponsible for a woman to choose to get pregnant if they don’t have the wherewithal to take care of the child that conceived from their free will choice. Tell all the Jezabels to stop spreading their legs and being irresponsible. Family and freedom loving country girl. I love dropping a strategically placed f-💣 when needed. Ladylike with a wad of bitch in my back pocket.
momtohemi @OMGno2trump It means he didn't take the gift from God that might have saved his life. God gives us free will. He used his poorly and suffered the consequences! Texan,😷🙏 ⛪🐕🗽🇺🇲Independent who leans blue, PRO CHOICE!VOTING RIGHTS! BLM, 🚫 anti-vaccine,anti-maskers!No D.M.s!Fully vaccinated!Boosted!
444Aka 🎶 Society will try to deprive you of your free will , which includes having a healthy relationship. They want to keep sending men with bad intentions to cause more damage when all you want to do is love and to be loved. On a mission to be, what I’m destined to be 📝 The sauce....🥇 🦂 LOVER-GIRL ❤️
TrashCamell Los Angeles, CA @Werewoof_Bark @K1ntsu61 @HypnotistSappho this is an active activity they are engaging in with you, your animal would have to choose between listening to the human they trust and their free will. Also- it IS rape to force an anyone/animals to do something up until they don’t like it- lack of informed consent. Nothing on my back ‘cept trash. A mess of thoughts, Poly/Pan. Animal Advocate/antizoo. 🇮🇹🇸🇪 Niitsitapi ,Adult but SFW profile. (nsfw @camel_trash)
TXTrendyChick Wherever the USMC needs us In light of all the mandates, I just want to remind everyone that we still have free will and our liberties are given to us by God, not government. Oh, and that whole "CONSENT of the governed" thing still applies. 😙 Carry on. Catholic. Texan. Marine Wife. Mama. Baylor Bear. Foodie. Runner. Captain of Team Caffeine.
generikhandle Generic Location @AtheistWhoopAss @starsfx @godless_mom What does compel mean? The people who peer reviewed the work, are they too not "compelled" by natural forces to come to those conclusions? If free will is an illusion and I am a theist because of physical forces "compelling" me, then you are an atheist for the same reason. Generic bio
SargentCobi The Lowest Level of Hell @WendyRogersAZ No we need to end people like you. Your god is as false as all gods are. Your religion should have NO control over my wife's body. That is her right and hers alone. Didn't your vain god give is free will? You'll probably be offended/not agree with my opinions. That's just fine. NO GODS NO MASTERS
TheRobVera OKC Two things can be true at the same time: 1. Coleman should've been replaced years ago (not his fault). 2. Coleman has--of his own free will--continued to play for Everton. So YES, his play--and certainly his mistakes--are fair game for criticism. #EFC @CenturyTurn host on @TheSpyFM/@KOSURadio. Evertonian. Sultry American accent on @TheBlueRoomEFC podcast. 🇵🇷
Sweet_Tea_Girl @Nikki_Irish @BubbnutMcMuffin @scrowder Let me fix that for you…. *no irresponsible woman needs it. Don’t include women like me who know how our body works and made better choices. We don’t support women who want to be the victim all the time of their free will choices. Family and freedom loving country girl. I love dropping a strategically placed f-💣 when needed. Ladylike with a wad of bitch in my back pocket.
psunumber1 @bluelyon @BillKristol That could be said for still many things. How about the obese - send them home, or people who develop cancer because they smoke, etc. Our hospitals are filled with patients who have free will. Single this out as being different and plays into the rights narrative of govt control
thewiseturtle Midcoast Maine @TheVenusProject Currently most humans don't have much free will, as most of us have been taught — by well meaning parents, teachers, the media, employers, and politicians — to repress our humanity, and instead act like obedient, programmable robots to serve the military-industrial game. Technology needs to know your.... 01. Most precious people & places 00. Greatest losses 10. Dreams for creating and exploring 11. Needs for achieving them
HarvestandL The Sunshine State Errors are nothing more than temporary defeat. Doing nothing about the error it self is acceptance. Acceptance that things are hard, life isn't fair and "it is what it is". ⁠ ⁠ However, we all have the power of free will and that free will is what gi… High Quality CBD! CBD+Hemp CBD Doesn't Get You High...It Gets You Healthy!
ApparentlyBill Salem, Massachusetts @selameal @Reuters so much for the idea of "free will". and it is life that conditions people, religion is just one of the wolves we happen to feed.
benedreiyel We have a free will due to our intellect and rational thinking. better days are coming so be ready.
EarnestMuhwezi Earth, Africa @GGattimpule @KarungikaAgaba I would say He gave us free will. And in this God stuff, it seems covenants are respected. He does interfere only when it gets extreme I suppose @Sci/ Sci-Fi,, also i don't think the universe is random. but a product of careful extreme engineering,design and art by the greatest of Engineers ever!
codylazurus @SororisAmorem annes being made to bang animals cause she doesnt know how to work on the farm and the plantars need her to pay rent somehow sashas being made to bang animals for the toads to laugh at and enjoy and marcys doing it of her own free will cause even on earth she was a dogforker owo 25, horny, here for fun only into fictional stuff
bchs_theatre Bishop Chatard High School Senior One Acts are coming up! Thursday Dec. 9th at 6pm Friday Dec. 10th at 4pm and 7pm Admission is a free will donation See you there! The official twitter of the Bishop Chatard Theatre Department. #experiencetheatrebc
McdingusM Earth He will throw an occasional bible verse out there, but can't explain them in any great detail. As in some passing reference to reading Genesis and "free will" justifies #abortion. This is a very poor and incorrect interpretation Pronouns: letsgo/brandon
jedliemagic Boston, MA Becky Cummings new #PictureBook Bea Lion, Breaking Free will inspire your kids to be brave & kind. Breaking Free is the first book in a new series that will make kids laugh out loud and think. Get one for your little lion Host & Producer of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast, Educational magician, award winning Children's Book author.
koshurcommenter @amartyadey88 @z_is_now @MissterBrown @ayuuhbdhjdksc @taslimanasreen Yes there is free will, Lol,and clear guidances and rewards and penalties. I have already implied this. How does that make God less powerful? ⓘ Yi user chu jaldi follow back karaan
Cossaatos Cat @touchypuma @Mkaem1 @Warcraft You also act like people don’t have free will or time to check out both games and ENJOY both games, like yours truely. Youtube: Yes... Reporter has been spelled wrong since 2010.... I can change at 100 subs. I was ten when i made that mistake.
TimeDandy New York, USA It's very important to establish that what's going on here is not compromising free will But the wrong kind of people see stuff like this and they are just obsessed they want to be able to control people no Free Will at all #Whitehall #Ticonderoga #Saratoga Info here is satire, a report, a script, a story. Live, vlc app rtmp://
Flowerie_Cup @54onion @WorldOfPicture5 Well... to don't be an tool to a person be easily cursed... and is respect to don't happen an link to "Shirk". - And Some angels don't enter in places that have it on. And angels are just Tools without free will, then only just do what is commanded by Allah. 🙂😄 🌻Don't know.I'm someone between many facing life. - Apenas uma entre tantos vivendo, encarando a vida.- Brasileira, muslim, vinda de católicos brasileiros...
LokiQuote every 30 minutes Everything is written – the past, present, and future. There’s no such thing as free will. -⌛ Loki Quotes from movies, series and comics. Read carrd !!
VitoTheGuido @dainserk @lucisevs I understand your point, I was raised in a doomsday cult and have often struggled over the actual extent of "free will" behind choices some are driven to make, so I get what you're saying I still wouldn't find sympathy for them tho tbh. Not sure what purpose that serves idk 🤷‍♀️ 23 | On Some Bullcrap and On The Spectrum | So-Called Italian-American 🤌 | Dues-Paying Member of Ash Support Squad (ASS)
LachonceMark @Quatr_us @socofthesacred So, if properly nourished, your spleen will one day develop an independent consciousness, a free will, and become a being capable of loving and being loved? No, they are not the same. BA Hope College, MDiv Western Theological Seminary, MA Wheaton College, ThM LSTC. Definitely older, hopefully wiser
HarvestandL The Sunshine State Errors are nothing more than temporary defeat. Doing nothing about the error it self is acceptance. Acceptance that things are hard, life isn't fair and "it is what it is". ⁠ ⁠ However, we all have the power of free will and that free will is what gives us the ability to kee… High Quality CBD! CBD+Hemp CBD Doesn't Get You High...It Gets You Healthy!
Tybalt39785519 @isthatdavidp @DanielaNadj Is that within the context of the rule of law, or are you saying I should just do what I want, when I want, because, hey, I have free will! I really want to have a car like my neighbour’s. Maybe I should just kick in his front door and help myself to the key? I fear consequences. Prince of Rat Catchers, slayer of vermin and untruths. #FBPE
LadyJayPersists Valhalla @smbusiown12 No, it’s your standard. God gave us all free will, which is personal autonomy. You wish to take that away. You have bastardized everything God stood for and think you’re doing His work. Veteran | Mom | Happily Taken | STEM Geek | crap Show Supervisor | Veteran Advocate | PTSD Warrior | My mind is a beautiful servant to a dangerous master
ToyotomiHideos2 @isthatdavidp @DanielaNadj “We all have free will & can make our own choices.” And the choices we make have consequences. If I chose to party last Christmas a consequence would likely be a £10000 fine. It would appear Johnson made that choice to party - we await the same consequence - that matters to me 豊臣秀吉. The Golden Gourd. Bikes are best. Paris-Roubaix wannabe and XC whizz. Full Euro bike race nut! Dai Dai! Patriotic. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇯🇵 🧡
goofytiger2 Orlando, FL @St_Mark_Anthony @JackMurray2 @atheist_bad @PBDerbysAtheist God exists in all times and places according to the Christian construct. To him the future already exists as he is there. Since he created everything and is everywhere he had to create it all at once. Your decisions included. There is no room for free will. Just a dude living his life.
BowlsValerie @WatcherWho @FlatCovid @CNN God gave man free will and our own sin causes bad things to happen (global warming, extinction and endangerment of species, murder, etc.). Viruses happen because we have taken away animals habitats and people play around with stuff they shouldn’t. Christian, nature lover, wife, mother, pianist, bibliophile, lover of comedy especially satire, Army veteran
Tysome2 We have free will to choose between good and evil. This includes justice, equity, and tyranny. Only sleep, death, sickness and decline, injuries and misfortunes do we have little or no choice over. So service or hater of mankind. This is his choice. But we too have choices⚖️ Purpose & Pleasure. The world is one country / mankind its citizens. Justice & Unity in diversity. Consultation not competition. Nature / the outdoors
FiThompson51 Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @McGiff I had the vaccines by choice. Had it have been have the vaccines or be fined I would not have had them, because that way it would not have been my freedom of choice decision it would have been coercion, and noone gets to take away my free will. Ever. Just me. It aint easy being me, but I'm enjoying the ride.
generikhandle Generic Location @AtheistWhoopAss @starsfx @godless_mom If these instincts compel us, are we not able to resist? Do we not do 'good' out of our own free will? If not, how can you trust that these instincts are reliable? No, I am simply asking for evidence as to why your "opinion" is reliable and that we should all conform to it. Generic bio
LateKnightMusic NN I know it’s not exactly platinum status but knowing that people listen to my music on their own free will is, and will always be, the greatest feeling in the world. Thank you so much to everyone who streamed, saved and shared. Next year 10k streams? 👀 if you don’t know, get to know | Northampton Musician | King Of The Evening
SkrauhgD @Maurell529 @theaccolonn She is likely referring to being controlled to help attack Quel'thalas. And we know that Arthas' choices were his own, but the Jailer's power pushed him just enough to make those decisions. It is likely the same with Sylvanas, as she gained her free will over time in WC3. WoW player. Retail worker. Occasional sleepyhead.