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BeschlossDC PRESIDENTS OF WAR: Did Attorney General Barr resign in December because even Barr — with his ominous record of abetting authoritarianism and destroying our rule of law — could not stomach the abuses of power he expected Trump to try in order to stay in office, against free will of American voters? PRESIDENTS OF WAR and nine other books. @NBCNews Presidential Historian. PBS @NewsHour. Opinions my own. Called "normally sober" by Financial Times.
EricaOnABC13 Houston, TX I want to laugh, hang out and enjoy my friends like the next person, but at some point we have to collectively sacrifice in order to get out of this pandemic. Period. God gave us free will, but He also honors wisdom. Dallas native | @Mizzou alumna | Believer ✝ | Wife | Mommy | Wknd Morning Anchor at @abc13houston | @houstonabj VP of Multimedia | 📧:
femeninna Paris, France Many wonder why #Navalny returned to #Russia, despite the threats. He himself has said that he comes back home because he didn’t leave of his own free will. This way, #Navalny demonstrated remarkable bravery. And I think, he made a smart strategic move. Here are few thoughts:
DukesJoint @donwinslow The left desires to be completely controlled They want what Thanos wanted Its sick. Its evil. Its pathetic to be so damn incapable of having your own thoughts and principles God please help these people. They've strayed so far from you that they now throw their free will away🙏 I have been lucky enough to be born in the United States of America. This is a blessing, and I think it's important to never forget why that is. ❤Faith Family
tukobos Abuja, Nigeria Be independent of thoughts and actions! If you want to do or say something for/to anyone, do it completely out of your own free will! Don't wait to be asked/coerced/beckoned upon/controlled to do it! Firstly, not everyone would ask everything/everytime you may want them to. Observer || Thinker || Strategist || Storyteller
LTwit55 @louis_otero @LienLienRg @SpeakerPelosi God does not run politics. People do. Folks seem to forget about free will. We are not puppets. We make our own beds and lay in them of our own accord. Stop using God as a Scapegoat or get-out-of-jail-free card.
gonoyacruces1 Bahía Blanca, Argentina God gave us life, freedom ..... and free will ... We must ACT. The devil is about to enter the White House .....
gonoyacruces1 Bahía Blanca, Argentina @JacquelineManos God gave us life, freedom ..... and free will ... We must ACT. The devil is about to enter the White House .....
surfergay Bay Park, San Diego @MoodyMoonBunnii @LindsayMania @GiselleSanxhez Y’all acting like he doesn’t have free will. That man is probably forking other people and is trash to begin with, she wrecked nothing. Did sis a favor and showed her that her man was trash You see things and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were an I say 'Why not?’ - IG: danie.bello 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇮🇹🇲🇽🇨🇺🇺🇸♎️ PSN: StraggotKiller
Karolswreck03 Enugu, Nigeria @correctBlogger @OnlyRald_ @AfolabiWale57 @Nacho_Lawrence @ChibuezeChiama2 @bimbsbakre @CFC_WONDA @Dehkunle But for some reason he chose to forgive us, hell he could wipe us out and make new beings but yet he stuck to giving us a chance to correct the wrong decisions we've made out of our free will, let's say now you cooked a really bad food that you couldn't eat would you try to Corona be teaching me new ways to be lazy
Karolswreck03 Enugu, Nigeria @correctBlogger @OnlyRald_ @AfolabiWale57 @Nacho_Lawrence @ChibuezeChiama2 @bimbsbakre @CFC_WONDA @Dehkunle We're able to question our own existence even God's decision that free will shows God's love, he could have taken that and make us completely obedient to him, in the Bible you'd see that when the devil disobeyed God did he forgive him? No, Corona be teaching me new ways to be lazy
Karolswreck03 Enugu, Nigeria @correctBlogger @OnlyRald_ @AfolabiWale57 @Nacho_Lawrence @ChibuezeChiama2 @bimbsbakre @CFC_WONDA @Dehkunle We are not prototypes, we're made in his image and thus the love for us, it's because God loves us that's why he gave is free will and when he did he knew what we'd do with it but taking away that free will would make us no better than mindless things and that's why Corona be teaching me new ways to be lazy
Leon1x1 Lederhosenland @discoordinated There is no life, according to chemestry, we are all just dead things, mixed together, that has the elusion of of free will and the elusion of a thinking, critical braion, which in the end is just again powered by chemestry,which makes every thought predictable. Ich interessiere mich für Games, Politik, Biologie, Physik und Verschwörungen"-theorien" E: I'm fascinated by nature, games and conspiracie"-theories
Jarred_Currence Oregon, USA @SammiSueSummer authoritarian: favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom. God desires our obedience and holds ultimate authority above everything. But he gave us free will and will never take it away. Christian, Husband, Father, Preacher, Teacher, libertarian, Geek.
itsRazaq On My Way To Jannah I guess that's why the punishment and rewards for man is the greatest. We have that free will to chose. (keeping in mind that there will always be consequences for our actions) Always, be open to both sides (there's always a story) the moment you decide to go one way in life, you lose. ‏فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ.
ThaleaStokes Stockbridge, GA Bedtime thoughts: I have secret dreams that no one knows except for me and God. I think I’ll never share what they are, just keep them to myself as my last bastion of free will. Scholarly Musician
osaz4now Planet Earth Looking forward to a time when there will so much positives to say about #Nigeria. When we won't need Hashtags to be heard and when #Free will be used to describe education and healthcare, not as a prefix to the name of someone being illegally detained. #Revolutionnow Designed. Designer. Designing. Community Manager @asacoterie Passionate about #Nigeria, that's my only crime. #Designisone #AsaCoterie #EndSars
PUPSTRlDER it/its @dogboyreki I know, saying that Dirk becoming the villain implies a lack of free will in my specific argument, but what are we but a bunch of pawns in the grand scheme of things. In his case, he's under the control of a narrator, that one extra layer never leaves no matter his role and abili — I got s worded like 4 times idk either ♢ @shslswagmaster NOT matchin w/ @dogboyreki 😒
BokkasamSeema #ConverStory #If we had Alladin's magic carpet anywhere we could fly Travel to exotic places under the blue sky No need for planes,and passports And visas to try We could meet our friends and relatives at our own free will And not just sit daydreaming at the window sill Full time reader
GabrielConstans California, USA @mssakshinarula Sounds like fairly similar ideas about manifesting and free will and how much karma we create or effects us from others karma and choices. #Author, #screenwriter & #parent. #Teacher of #mindfulness, #body & #mental #health. #Writer #journalist & #ukelele #lover.
KRyo07ta Kanagawa-ken, Japan @haizakissmyass To Haizaki: > He'll have his free will to be like me > A cat idol Checking the time, he typed: > In an hour Then glanced from the window at the long queue of fangirls from the bookstore entrance till the end of the road, and even further. > Anyone when it's their turn. @icrypticemperor 's Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything and becomes your everything || Rp purpose acc
islamycin @Mo23751509 @mrcanning @AliDawow He blocked me too lol. 5-7 was a mistake, I meant 91:7-10, because he thinks we're being controlled and have no free will. yeauh
callmesteelo Canada @slcmof @R0binThinks God is omnipotent and omniscient. He can do what He wants. But due to human’s and our free will, bad things are always bound to happen. I’m Just Existing, But Jesus Is The Reason Why ✝️ | Gamer turned Photo/Videographer | Meme Enthusiast | Hip Hop and Music Debater | Uni Student
vanitas888 Sometimes seems like I’m just doing things out of obligation rather than my own free will despite it not being like that at all. I’ll be listening to an album or something and I’d just want it to be over already
JoshuaJFJames @SammiSueSummer Nope. If he was he wouldn't allow us to sin, but he instead gave us free will because there can be no virtue without choice and no righteousness without liberty. Christian, Anarcho-Capitalist, video gamer, anime otaku, sports fanatic, all around lovable weirdo.
neonheadset_ @gameboyskz HAHAHAHA 🤡🤡🤡 God has given us free will and we choose the payaso life emeh 😂🤡 Dear God, sana umabot tayo sa point na wala nang baklang gaya ko ang kakailanganin pang gumawa ng dummy account kasi hindi ma-contain ang feelings sa Gameboys
calebtbs @adamhayesbot Well, Mr. Collins was talking about how the witches take away Macbeth's free will by, like, tempting him to kill the king and make him confused and stuff? caleb michaels tbs quotes every half hour. "//" indicates a quote from the infinite noise
ahdayzay10 Nigeria @EarlOfIwo You told her to get for you... Not that you wanted, and she got it out of her free will... I really don't see the problem,or how it ties in....
WellPunk8 Toronto, Ontario, Canada @rclark1823 @CP24 i know right? like Ooh sparkles! preprogrammed expressions based on simplistic's a real shame..I'm sickened and feel like I'm surrounded by zombies with no souls or free will to think. It's a totally messed up feeling, seeing that it's not you and you're outnumbered I like pie. I'm D.O.P. & producer of YouTube Channel SummariTroN o' short films o' whatever coats your throat afloat a boat. Click the URL!
roberttoler4gm1 California's remote Sierra's How absolutely true! I am from that generation, and it's more then sad, it shows extreme disrespect, stupidity,& lack of any education. Their ancestors that fought in WWII & kept our country free will be unable to rest until this communist nightmare is rectified! Experiments successful on insect sprays for use on Socialist, Communist & other scum of America. Soon in stores.
tacobelltokyo3 @big__CROCS @mackay_andre @newcents @marvindee98 @AOC I’m literally reciting what you said, and you are ignoring the obvious flaw in it. God has ultimate control, yet you claim he gave us free will, yet he ultimately controls, thus our free will is a lie and God controls. Which means...God is the reason you’re dumb! The official parody social media of Taco Bell in Tokyo-3. Follow for updates to our menu and special offers. Opinions are those of the intern, not of corporate.
DrMaralMD Boston, MA @Gadam27780311 Einstein was a determinist and yet he also believed in life beyond man’s primitive instincts and needs. That confuses me; how did he choose/decide to become a humanist if he didn’t believe in free will? Harvard Med School/BIDMC | tweets≠medical advice
tacobelltokyo3 @big__CROCS @mackay_andre @newcents @marvindee98 @AOC Yeah. You said we have free will, but he ultimately is in control, which means he controls us and we don’t have free will The official parody social media of Taco Bell in Tokyo-3. Follow for updates to our menu and special offers. Opinions are those of the intern, not of corporate.
RolandShytle Tampa, FL @P8riotparty @mahjonggirl Not a chance. It’s the foundation upon which Western Civilization was founded - the Truthful Individual and the belief in Free Will. “And the light shineth in darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.” Human being who is grateful to be alive and inspired to know all that which transcends my current understanding of existence
Gents4Liberty United States @SammiSueSummer I would contend that God is libertarian. Yes, He has the guidelines He would like for you to follow, but He didn't create us as robots. He gave us the gift of both liberty and free will. We have the right to choose how we live our lives, even if they go against His wishes. Check out out our podcast for stimulating conversation on the philosophy of liberty & natural law! Available on all platforms! 🎙️🗽🟡⚫️
douglasfunniest sweater already, mom's bulgogi has anyone ever paused to consider: the more data we accumulate, the more in theory we can predict things we will get closer and closer to approximate whether free will exists or not if it does exist, it will imply a higher being if it doesn't, nefarious ends await humanity a stereotypical antistereotype of an anti anti Asian guy with an inordinate facility with American pop culture and tech (i.e. American agitprop)
DjangoU40539293 It is insincere. In fact it's living like a parasite that is entitled. It's like saying, "I am emotionally dependent on you and it's your duty to please me. If you don't please me and act on your on free will, I will guilt trip you with my hurt feelings."
OChenault Sacramento Yes, Cane, And when the LORD ask Him where is your Brother, Cane reply I'm I my Brother Keeper? For Jealous greed. And GOD had warn him, but did he listen? How many time have America has been warn they are going the wrong path of hate & corrupt greed? Have they listen. Free Will. 2 Brain Surgery Multi-Aneurysm left no filter, find it hard to breathe, EV COPD Stop all Treatment, just want to be. But life won't let me. Calling it out
FrogMachine5000 Japan Soul Reaver 2. Voice acting second to none. Amazing aesthetic. A story about discovering the truth, free will and learning to think for yourself. But most of all, to learn to defy the puppet masters and become a free man. The series defined me in many ways. Chaotic Good Dr. Frog Phd. I paint, write, think, meditate. Promoting peace and crapposting. ESL Teacher. Takes art commissions. Humor, memes and chaos. 一期一会。
libertadynomnom Hawaii @DanPriceSeattle the Civil War bombed Black land and Black folk and the economy the poorest Black folk returned to, when they could have been *actually* civil like Sweden and negotiated freedom. So I'm ok with some fundamental laws -- just as peaceful & free-will as they can be, please nature & nurture. model for museum works. winner of a Library Journal best of. wrote for LAT. photo'd by NYT
THECASTlEL icon: @solitudee_e spn is all about free will and this monumental struggle to take control of their lives, WRITE THEIR OWN STORY, and as soon as they reach the finish line, the writers are like oh hold on just a sec and then take a giant forking dump on every single one of their characters cj • 28 • cas girl (gender neutral)
Michael21085045 @LozzaFox Don't do it! You will lose your independence, your free will and will be enslaved for many years to come. No one will ever be sure they are voting for you and your party and not for the tyrant really calling the shots in the Fox household. Inquisitive and just a little pissed off
ArtemisNation @Mr_Fahrenheit78 @hankgreen @AndrewSolender 1, this election was not fair in anyway, there were republicans and democrats who didn’t let observe the counting, 2 all that is your opinion and how you see the country. The TRUE good old Spirit is one who embodies Freedom liberty one to have free will wich clearly you have chillliiiinnnmm
ThorishoNgwanak @YolandaKarabo The things tweeted on this app lead me to believe that many of you are very toxic in relationships. You want to control people you are in a relationship with and it does not work like that. God gave us free will, you must answer to your partner about silly things like blue ticks? Do like I do
Behavethyself The system is designed to make you feel small and insignificant. Those are the affects of the low vibrational frequency. Designed to cheapens your outlook on life, in order to manipulate you against your free will. -Mr.FrankyHFX Worst Behavior
greesybot Hell He was not born a god. His destiny did not lead him to this crime. He chose this path of his own free will. He stole the godhood and murdered the Hortator. Vivec wrote this. order corn
ArmoredGull @SurvivorSkylar “Don’t worry you’ll be a good whatever when you turn. I’ve modified the virus a little so you should still maintain your mind and free will. Also, your ability to talk should be fine as if you were still human.” No art I post belongs to me! Art of Siva and PFP by @SinfulLusts Hosts: @preyandcumdump @JKL547 Mother:? GF:? ᎷᎯᏒᏒᎨᎬᎠ to ??? Owns:?
Kimiyix @Royboiboi1 @prichards01 @laurencelewis @DrinkMic @livingarchitect No shackles, God gave us a choice and free will. Those who accept Jesus’ sacrifice are saved. Those who blaspheme him: casted into the lake of fire lol The choice is ours 😊 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Behavethyself It all begins with the understanding of the power of self and the power of your free will. -Mr.FrankyHFX Worst Behavior