Free Wills for everyone.

Free Will.

The things some people say about Free Will.

EDBRSB Israel @skjask And the best part is that Jewish Israelis of all backgrounds, religious and secular, choose not to use the day to travel and go on hikes of their own free will and not as a result of legal coercion. צום קל ומועיל Husband, Father of 4, Lawyer, Ex-New Yorker, Zionist, American/Israeli/Canadian, IDF Infantry/Paratroop Vet, Pro-Peace Between Israel & Palestine
dorgandash1 Argentina @florin @josevalim It's not even Open Source. Every single thing that's provided for free will attract enough bad actors to make you want to quit everything. I lived the same for a free and closed source project of mine. I only open sourced it after I decided maintaining it was not worth my sanity. Software Engineer at @Packlane. Author of Sourceror
senhor_senhor @LeePric06833864 I am vaxed by choice but i dont agree with this crap, i think free will should always prevail in any society, what this guys are doing isnt wright and just craps on individual choice in so called democracys, fork them! CT only
Robbservations REALITYVILLE @ax2n38 @zypisfy @SwordFinger @NoScienceDenial @JRockMcGrizzle @Wolfpak561 @AprilLigeia @horusrage @Cern_lXXl @Carniphage @garym9999 @tklforgiven @randolf828 @Glad2bAtheist @SecularSandwich @theobserver2021 @afperezb9 @TheClockIsTick2 @zapher134 @PG13ScottWatson @Jesus_is_G_d @GregRickard1 @davidjdennison1 @debbiepalm44 @yourmumspants @Perdnoot @Oswald1160 @rmbctious @CATGOD24 @VFracos @alan244g @tcunderdahl @Dylon59556561 @username4what @Kevin64348250 @Duke1CA @__Helicon__ @LeyFenix @tristyjones @Citi_ZenSane @AwayFromTheKeys @VincyBigJ @UBlasphemist @rafearia @gerryblevins @markfromalbany @Mandy_Rabble @Google Plus if you are a Christian... unless you are a Calvinist... the entire scheme is based on humans having free will... the defense against the problem of evil is that we have free will and God can’t interfere... Seems to me MOST of the world’s problems (besides greed & selfishness) are due to people believing complete B. S. for no good reason... or, for bad reasons
EdgeworthThe @DrJessTaylor Yawn. She joined/stayed with ISIS of her own free will and openly expressed support for their actions until it became inconvenient to do so. To paint her as any kind of victim is laughable. Heavy Implier
MrSyedZainRaza @faraazjs @fay_alif There are always choices and free will, but ultimately a lot depends on other factors too. There's luck, there's other people, there's societal hindrances. The concept of being 100% in charge of your life is far from reality.. Writer | Dreamer | Cinephile | YorkU Alumni |  ☭ | He/him/his Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)
joe_bazzz @realamberheard The purpose of the creation of human being and free will, is responsibility and duty, not autonomy and hedonism -Abdullah al Andalusi @AbdullaAndalusi hi
Robbservations REALITYVILLE @zypisfy @ax2n38 @SwordFinger @NoScienceDenial @JRockMcGrizzle @Wolfpak561 @AprilLigeia @horusrage @Cern_lXXl @Carniphage @garym9999 @tklforgiven @randolf828 @Glad2bAtheist @SecularSandwich @theobserver2021 @afperezb9 @TheClockIsTick2 @zapher134 @PG13ScottWatson @Jesus_is_G_d @GregRickard1 @davidjdennison1 @debbiepalm44 @yourmumspants @Perdnoot @Oswald1160 @rmbctious @CATGOD24 @VFracos @alan244g @tcunderdahl @Dylon59556561 @username4what @Kevin64348250 @Duke1CA @__Helicon__ @LeyFenix @tristyjones @Citi_ZenSane @AwayFromTheKeys @VincyBigJ @UBlasphemist @rafearia @gerryblevins @markfromalbany @Mandy_Rabble @Google No, I do not agree and if you read what I said you wouldn’t have to ask me what my definition of Free Will is... so having a discussion with you is a complete waste of time Seems to me MOST of the world’s problems (besides greed & selfishness) are due to people believing complete B. S. for no good reason... or, for bad reasons
WithMySpirit Vancouver, British Columbia Everything you do at the physical level can affect you at the spiritual level. And vice versa. 30 years of practical experience in modern spirituality. Learn how to remove persistent negativity, self-heal, & develop an advanced spirit-body relationship!
dandeliondykes 16 // pinned tweet byf. holland is also an antari. he's the eldest of all three i think. he spent most the book under the control of the dane twins bc of a soul seal carved onto his chest that strips free will and he's so tragic. im tired of tragic ⠀no prns ! use my name. ૮₍ 𖦹 ˕ ×` ₎ ⠀❤︎ professional iwa - chan kisser ! !
jonloveless Mount Sterling, KY There's a difference between privates and generals. I'm not sure I believe that some people were born to lead, that implies destiny and lack of free will. But some people absolutely just lead and the rest follow. Businessman, podcaster, minister, & culture warrior. Host of The Jon Loveless Show. I teach self-improvement & down home values. #BetterStrongerFaster
NEREVOUU_RBLX New York I wish people learned the definition of defending someone and being the attacker. You telling people to fight for you id attacking. Them doing it on their own free will is defending you. (not aimed just speaking in general)
joecap10606481 Panhandle of Florida This was the plan all along..Hillary was supposed to win, the President Trump can along and ruined their he's gone and they will have free will to do what they's going to be status quo from now on..there I said it..block me if you must...I don't care.. Married, US Navy Vietnam Vet , I Support Our Troops . Trump is my Pres. NRA I Support the Blue, Abortion is Murder, Catholic, 🚫DM
StevenFrench4 "it is in the special sciences, esp the human and social sciences, that one can find support for realism about free will ..." Comics, post-rock & philosophy - 3 of the 5 food groups
princessvic1912 New York, NY @CBSNews Nicki have every right to speak, because of today woke culture people are afraid to speak their mind and this need to stop, there is no one size fit all. God gave us FREE WILL and this country was founded on FREEDOM. #DoNotComply #cancelwokeculture I am a conservative American who believe in my God giving individual liberty of conscience and freedom of speech. God bless USA
given_2fly Angels on the sideline Puzzled and amused Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they're all confused I only own my mind. I am mine
joe_bazzz @P1neCreek The purpose of the creation of man -human being- and free will, is responsibility and duty, not autonomy and hedonism -Abdullah al Andalusi @AbdullaAndalusi hi
AngelaBoots3 Springdale, AR @wendelltalks God gave us a free will to choose Him or not. A good movie to watch is The Shack. It explains a lot and of course the Bible.
eviepnotized Italia @SyrenQueen Looking me in the eyes and sucking my free will away with your own pretty eyes will do, unless you lose yourself in mine first <3 🔞 (He/They) Smol body, feminine mind, not a girl~ Switch (+dom) Your shoes and socks, take them off~
VasoPapadopoul3 @niceguyminyoong Even if he's blackmailed. The major who's doing the marriage gonna ask him if it's his free will to marry without pressure and he will say yes. Writing for my Life!
StevenFrench4 And #EPSA21 is off with Christian List on adopting a realist stance towards free will! Comics, post-rock & philosophy - 3 of the 5 food groups
joe_bazzz The purpose of the creation of man -human being- and free will, is responsibility and duty, not autonomy and hedonism -Abdullah al Andalusi @AbdullaAndalusi hi
twiztidmagic DK @HolySouls4 @00Kritik @DeptK_Deadpool @TimespaceC @GodlessLiz You are missing the point completely. If he knows your choice before you and you will always make that choice when said god observes you, do you then have free will? Free will would mean that you could go back and change your choice, but you can't. Superstition is based on the unknown, never claim to have knowledge you do not possess, stop being superstitious.
mobiquotes Athens, Greece Then why do we do so many bad things?He sighed. “Because one thing God gave us—and I’m afraid it’s at times a little too much—is free will. Freedom to choose. I believe he gave us everything needed to build a beautiful world, if we choose wisely. Collection of popular quotes. New quotes are posted daily
DaimyoToaster Monster Island @SirDemiface Yeah they're constantly complaining and it's done a ton of damage to an industry that makes more money off lewd merch in a day in akiba than the western anime industry makes in a year. Japan keeps making anime of their own free will because they hate it you see. A bang up work 62. Pfp by: @mognemu
faisal_bze_JP Belize One thing I have is free will and a free mind. Belize Is a joke!❗️ 📷IG- @faisal_bze @highrisethreads @therealbarbershop @terminaldeck 👻SC - faahmad93 📘FB- Faisal Ahmad #justforfun
AnaRespectfully Comunidad de Madrid, España @SimplyBenny @Hella666_ @charlystarrs @Ildymojo I mean, it’s just that they went for free will for 5 seasons and 9 chapters. And gave it up in last episode. Oh, yes, it’s Rory’s free will… but what about the others’ free will? It’s not ok making someone feel guilty in order for they to do what you want them to. No. Mostly talking about Lucifer and Tom Ellis. +16 y old, according to Spanish law
legitcammm like yea u have free will and u can choose to act outside of things happening (technically impossible) but ur still just a drop in the ocean of life and ur just another wave with the whole ocean following behind you. everything is just the flow of life. rise and fall. exactly where i’m supposed to be.
AnaRespectfully Comunidad de Madrid, España @LizaMeller @Lucigary1 @charlystarrs Yes… and if you say it it’s just “oh, you don’t understand a thing, go see it again until you understand”. No, I get it. And I can both love the show and criticize what I don’t like. I do have free will to. 😉😉 Mostly talking about Lucifer and Tom Ellis. +16 y old, according to Spanish law
Blancheyy_ London, England @MichaelBaiden20 Lol free will ensures everyone can be and do whatever they want. Voila, here comes corruption, evil, differences etc etc. That’s just human nature. Impossible to have Utopia in the current world were in as we are not and never will be in unison yh yh yh
sethdrealisssm Republic of the Philippines "I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me." —Lady Gaga #HKMManindigan | Seth Fedelin Yes, I'm that heartless girl | Don't let me be curious because I love to investigate | BSIT Graduate | I'm not into followers, I'm into SethDrea👽💚
Robbservations REALITYVILLE @zypisfy @ax2n38 @SwordFinger @NoScienceDenial @JRockMcGrizzle @Wolfpak561 @AprilLigeia @horusrage @Cern_lXXl @Carniphage @garym9999 @tklforgiven @randolf828 @Glad2bAtheist @SecularSandwich @theobserver2021 @afperezb9 @TheClockIsTick2 @zapher134 @PG13ScottWatson @Jesus_is_G_d @GregRickard1 @davidjdennison1 @debbiepalm44 @yourmumspants @Perdnoot @Oswald1160 @rmbctious @CATGOD24 @VFracos @alan244g @tcunderdahl @Dylon59556561 @username4what @Kevin64348250 @Duke1CA @__Helicon__ @LeyFenix @tristyjones @Citi_ZenSane @AwayFromTheKeys @VincyBigJ @UBlasphemist @rafearia @gerryblevins @markfromalbany @Mandy_Rabble @Google Did you go back and re read what I wrote? Do you know what free will would be if we had it... if not this discussion isn’t worth having. Seems to me MOST of the world’s problems (besides greed & selfishness) are due to people believing complete B. S. for no good reason... or, for bad reasons
4LValue Indian preference but if madeto discharge a moral obligation, then it would be invalid and void.relates to an act that is done by free will‘ and there should be no use of Qualified IBBI Registered Valuer & Insolvency Resolution Practitioner under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 Valuation under respective law
AnaRespectfully Comunidad de Madrid, España @Lucigary1 @charlystarrs It’s quite difficult to find an end fitting everyone, I get it. But I truly believe it goes against the spirit of the show. Fate or free will, you have to choose one and go with it until the end. If you give your money to someone pointing at you with a gun, it’s no free will Mostly talking about Lucifer and Tom Ellis. +16 y old, according to Spanish law
NadineLoyals BUSINESS Trip with my Business Partner and Tour Day 1 and I’m blown away already. So much opportunities and nice people + COVID-free! Will start making friends with the waves tomorrow and visit some resorts to meet the competition! 😆✌️#Siargao 📷askthetaxwhiz #NadineLustre
7ulfaqar UK 3. End Time Players - Look at some of the mythical figures/groups prophesied to appear during the End Times - and what it has to do with Lord of the Rings 4. Platos Cave 5. Free Will vs Determinism Subscribe yo! Lawyer (NP) | Dealmaker | Podcaster | Helping you develop self-esteem, productivity, lifestyle & business | More advice & tips on YouTube - Hit Subscribe 👇🏽
lyelye_26 Glenmora✌ The spirit comes and goes but only sticks to one that is faithful to the word. Heaven is a state of mind you can have here it’s all bout what you have ear to. It’s only one sound. There is no others free will allows you to do as u please remember that I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast 🍳💪🏾
ShearerRab @garychef2 @damienXTR @Bellagio_bound @rec777777 @iancrichton4 @DeanoBeano17 @AndrewKnight226 @Michael80789776 @JenniferCoogan1 @MikeyR08548854 @andyfarnell07 @Stoneybe1 @david_fbpe @thefactroom @RichardSweeney2 @MalChandler @LabLostHeHe @vivamjm @RevengeofShino1 @robertsessford1 @greyson_ian @newey1980 @son_of_kernow @from_hackney @NewforestStock @cybremike5 @LynnWal12343534 @Stephen1010102 @oureurope2 @quasirob @ClareAdams @Jim_Cornelius @Ann06957684 @PieroTi1971 @Holly_6000 @Schofield7Pete @APWard4 @NigeWhite @ErfinderRotwang @DevilInTheDet10 @teresadg0 @FrankieGem57 @JustineClaire65 @tavirahog @eveningperson @judger62 @DarrylRichard12 @Gareth16840733 @PetrasPics66 @cozz007 Forget it Gary, these muppets can't tell the difference being anti vax and the decision whether or not you want it. Free will is not their thing otherwise they wouldn't be crying over the UK leaving the EU. Despise the SNP ,pro free speech ,anti sharia anti islam. Scotland in the union .no time for lefty bedwetters or SNP cultists.🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇱 typos often
citizen1776_ @pmtaylor647 @phillymusicgal @GiorgioBaldari They don’t want to give up their free will and get inoculated by a serum created by the evil government? STAND UP FOR AMERICA
Drewster15 @jack_relish @sam38_tate @KatieHa38782666 @Joyfunblud @piersmorgan If the country that the drug runner wanted to deport and them then we have to take them. Begum hasn't actually been charged with anything though....she is just being denied return from her own free will. Englishman living in Wales - Rejoiner. Proud Bristolian...One Team In Bristol. Sarcastic.... 🇪🇺
why_a_guy ÜT: 42.300974,-87.873284 I have my view of women’s rights…God’s view! However, God put us here and gave us free-will to make Godly decisions…even when we don’t, he still doesn’t force his ways upon us. Manage your money or it will manage you. My life in emojis...🙏🏽💒📖📝💍👑🤵🏾👰🏻❤️😂🌮🍱🍔🥗🏀💜💛Lakers 🏈❤️💛Niners
Robbservations REALITYVILLE @zypisfy @ax2n38 @SwordFinger @NoScienceDenial @JRockMcGrizzle @Wolfpak561 @AprilLigeia @horusrage @Cern_lXXl @Carniphage @garym9999 @tklforgiven @randolf828 @Glad2bAtheist @SecularSandwich @theobserver2021 @afperezb9 @TheClockIsTick2 @zapher134 @PG13ScottWatson @Jesus_is_G_d @GregRickard1 @davidjdennison1 @debbiepalm44 @yourmumspants @Perdnoot @Oswald1160 @rmbctious @CATGOD24 @VFracos @alan244g @tcunderdahl @Dylon59556561 @username4what @Kevin64348250 @Duke1CA @__Helicon__ @LeyFenix @tristyjones @Citi_ZenSane @AwayFromTheKeys @VincyBigJ @UBlasphemist @rafearia @gerryblevins @markfromalbany @Mandy_Rabble @Google AGAIN.... one problem here is that you are obviously not reading what I am sayin... I have given what free will is not and why it is not from that you should be able to easily understand what free will WOULD BE if we actually had it. REread everything I wrote. Seems to me MOST of the world’s problems (besides greed & selfishness) are due to people believing complete B. S. for no good reason... or, for bad reasons
FlygonPrincess he/she/they Welcome to my Ted Talk. Here's how MegaMan is about the importance of free will to humanitt and the ramifications of our choices both good and bad Jon/26/🐏🐏🐏/Pawg 💕@BogBruja💕 I was not present at the Point Pleasant Silver Bridge Collapse of 1967 priv: @SeeMeInAFrown nsfw: @Ahegoner
KhoniDjake @nonewthing White seems a very good signing, the guy is so calm with the ball on his feet. Partey, injury free, will be top 5 of pl midfield... But still we lack the power to fire a game. The intensity to burn our opponent. And Mikel is responsible for that Journaliste Ancien
RohailAitzaz Planet Earth. @DrAbdulMajid9 @Sabawoonorakza1 @iamshanshoukat It is not "always" free will, a lot of times, non-Muslim girls are kidnapped and then forced or brainwashed to change their religion. A human (Trust me). Astronomy is love. All hail Technocracy.
KevnChrist Promoting @ccalvinism @Sketo80 Josh here another one by the same person. James Dolezol talks about the Doctrine of Concurrence in relation to evil. And how the free will position cannot give a theodicy for evil The Third Man Podcast - Pastor Cole Blessed of God with a Beautiful wife!!
chesspawnone 🌍 @BITVOLT7 The land of the free will have a free market or so I will die on this hill | come on westworld | CBDC = brrr | = #enslavement by #inflation | but not #btc | #btc belongs to | and | its #sustainable ♻️ by way of clean, endless renewable energy | energy is money
Josh00293076 @Magna_04 @TradYoung We have different concepts of God. In Christianity there is free will. Adam feel to sin on his own accord and because of him sin entered the human race. Now because God is love he still sought to restore the human race to his original intent. Which was to give us eternal life and
KevnChrist Promoting @ccalvinism @Sketo80 Josh if you need something to listen to today I would recommend this. Dolezal talks about how free will leads to deism, pantheism, and a form of dualism. Which we have heard from @CCalvinism He also gives the truth of God's Word by contrast. The Third Man Podcast - Pastor Cole Blessed of God with a Beautiful wife!!
greesybot Hell He was not born a god. His destiny did not lead him to this crime. He chose this path of his own free will. He stole the godhood and murdered the Hortator. Vivec wrote this. order corn