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I have free will.

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Sky_Masters737 United States @bahiawilson @CAPublicHealth I don’t need excuses, I have free will and have agency over what I decide to do. Just a proud and grateful legally emigrated citizen to this great nation. Long may our Constitution stand. 🇺🇸🗽 #MAGA #1stAmendment #2ndAmendment @NRA @GunOwners
Ipsofacto123 @Vigdis_Herja But our freedom is relative to that facticity, therefore free will is possible to some extent. Examples: I can escape the color of my hair. I can go canoeing and choose whatever essence I want when canoeing. If I can choose whatever essence I want, then I have free will? infidel through and true. BLM. EQUALITY FOR EVERYBODY FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE.
wyattwarner @righteous_smite Right! I used to be an absolute asshole, yelling all the time at people who didn’t deserve it. It was in huge part inspired by my BPD but ultimately I made the choice to be crapty! And since I have free will I’ve put in the work to be a better person. they/them
and_furiouser @ETVPod @toxicpath @jstevewhite Could I have free will if my brain was moving close to the speed of light and the freedom was being determined by an outside perspective? I like PoMo architecture / cancel culture is real & easy to define / I’d eat bugs to save the environment / I have questions and sometimes I’m just asking them
CRufsvold @TomJose75245504 @PessimismQuotes @romanpiso @INTAtheist My rationale: You cannot read my mind. I say you are incorrect about my thinking. I have free will, and the master of my own thoughts. Therefore, you are wrong. I'm a Logical,FORMER Republican,Conservative who recognizes POTUS*45 is a sack of crap. #Resist! My nickname for Donald Trump is ''Sexual Predator''. #FBR
KatIcey46 In a Void, Somewhere i really hate the fact I have to return to online school once again, especially since there are upcoming tests. whenever I'm at home where I have free will to do almost anything I tend to draw and write things more than usual instead of focusing. They/Them/Xe/Xem | @IceyShadow46 is for only art | Says stuff and sometimes exists on twitter :D
NormaliseSimon Warwickshire, UK @Dyson4Tea @joewellscomic So, it feels like I'm just a passenger at this point? If I'm in Gillian's world and I react as she does, do I have free will or is it more like an immersive movie? Computer person. Prolific project starter. Owned by @GandalfTux He/him
Anoneconomist1 @DIorioNathaniel When the terms are meticulously defined, the answer becomes obvious. I have free will, and nobody else does. It's "anon economist", not "a non-economist".
Dylan_On_Twiter There is no coherent position that includes both “I have free will” and “Life is meaningless” These are mutually exclusive.
HookEm4EVR Katy, Tx @Hou_Tex_Jefe I try to stay out of arguing my case. They're dead set on listening to the political pawns and the CDC then using common sense. I have free will and the freedom granted to me to live as I see fit. After almost being on the slab, I choose living over fear. Still love for all. 🤘 Longhorn for life, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls fan. Foodie, golfer, fisherman, traveler. Single, conservative, patriot, survivor(just ask). God is good!
_AnActualEwok_ @SnowFright7d @TerriIrwin (2/2) she wants me to be how I was when I was little (I am autistic, and they used thjs to their advantage by not telling me but traumatizing me to disobedience in any way) amd be whipped into being their maid amd gofer, amd I'm now the world's worst "kid" cuz I have free will 🙃 call me he, she, they, idc as long as it isnt it.
windycityiggy C-H-I-C-A-G-O @EntitledLibtard @_LoveMTB_ @katescattergood @kathrynw5 What is he wrong about? He said they are experimental and that is true. This is a power grab. By big pharma but you only kinda agree with that for some reason. Who decides authority is right? Don’t I have free will to make my own decision about my own body? 💎 Sharp Gambler 💎 Content shared @SBNation, @Guardian, @Sportsblog, @RantSports, etc. Hustle beats talent when talent doesn't hustle.
redwolftrash hell, usa (9th circle?) @AlreadyPro what's wrong with not wanting to associate with people who'd gladly k!ll me if i so much as entered their sight again? because last time i checked, i have free will and can choose not to associate with people who want me dead as guaranteed by my country's governmental laws. stayed on twt after i almost got mass reported on instagram by a group of rac!st girls on a hate campaign against me. i am a femboy (notice the boy)
wmdavid66 Cleveland, Ohio @devilslake79 @dmansworld474 @Mets He has free will. I have free will to dislike it and I have free will to enjoy his .163 batting average
SplinterSimba Quarenteen @1stthes521 @RunIn2TheSky @brad_feinman @ChadCottle @Jandrewgot9 @imkimaaron @jools6691 @AtheistGunner @Friendof_Darwin @TJMair @wiguy45 @JaTapps @Melanie33720945 @ThinkyTexan @TheGod_Particle @NuckChorris16 @WmManry @CivilLost @svensrevenge @Tsunami_64 @Catheri77148739 @DrLazerKitty @mirandahasrisen @th1rt3en_TM @LustfulLiberal @AtlanticCanuck @IngridIngwah @KerridwinR @Chrono52 @CharlesHenryLe3 @domenictiso4 @RossGilroy @wisemanryder @RealAnonDouche @NickSoutter @AprilLigeia @InTimeShow @debbiepalm44 @AtheistWombat @AnthonyT2_Mufc @RealRaviolius @gimmesomeloki @SlsStudios @Dylon59556561 @NoScienceDenial @DeanPHanley @SariellaHerself @MrAnder09064048 @ShadeyShroomy @Janetb172 Well that’s counter productive of itself. God can’t have a plan for me and I have free will. He’s either in control or it isn’t. Or far more logically. There’s fork all there to worry about #father #uncle #secular #humanist Proud Dad of 1, Uncle to 2. Partial to puns. footballer for rothwell Corinthians vets
beowulf888 hiding out in the Twittervese @ChuChaiChu @EssentialPhilo1 11/ As for me, I KNOW I have free will, and I can use it within the constraints of my environment, my situation, my intelligence, and my creativity. But my free will is bounded by these variables. And I think the question is sort of stupid because it's all unprovable opinion. A general curmudgeon and rabble rouser
zabarini PNW @seanhannity I honestly just laugh and go about my day. Not sure who these Politicians think they are, but I have free will and will honor it~! Don't dance.. I'm going to dance my way into my Doctor appointment, maybe sing too! 5th Generation Oregonian #IamBrave~Warrior~Lover of Life and Family~Survivor God First~Believer in Miracles~Strongest limb of my Tree
genxmex Minnesota @Miller_Simul Minnesota and I have free will Being half white and half Mexican is tough. My white side is always trying to deport my Mexican side. I struggle every day to not oppress myself. #Hispanx
maddyespy None of your business sometimes I remember that I have free will and can literally just get up and leave to go do whatever I want, including things that are entirely out of pocket mad scientist & public nuisance🌹🌵✨🌽 21 | they/she (o elle/ella a mis hispanohablantes)
greg_travis @Marco_Piani It's an attitude and not reflective of actual status If I believe I have free will (when I don't) I will joyfully fault others for not exercising theirs “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket.” Healthcare patient experience expert. Technology writer. Pilot and airplane owner. Cybersecurity Guy. Airborne Animal Rescue. Widower and SuperDad.
1RedDevil2 Here. Where ever that maybe @s8nstan Wtf not yet time for me bed. Don’t be telling me when I have to go your not me parents😈🤭 I have free will and will go when I am ready. 😈😈😈😁 The mayhem of demons is nothing compared to the treachery of angels! Just visiting this round planet you flat earthers and hollow earthers are crazy!
Eugene_Hetzel Palm Springs, CA @mtaibbi I can take free pens from a booth at a fair and walk away. Free pen. Which is to say they had failed to get me to do what they wanted. Because I have free will. This is a tempest in a Russian Tea Room Pot. Sorry, had to. /s Writer, thinker, doer. Author of Agent Doppelganger series.
alexaplayiliwys 20 something | she/her no fr because my bf just turned 23 and still has to lie/hide crap from his mom idk how people live like that i hate my mom but at least i have free will damn 🤕 🚫 minors dnf | 🚫 fatspo/fatphobic dni | tw: ed, edtwt, vent/rant
sorrymo04516737 @Sio_Syo nah i watch it cuz its entertaining and i know that i will never be 600 lbs, i have free will over what i think and it would be so forked if everytime i looked at a fat person i used the as fatspo cherry
Keith040856 @catvaxlax @IainMulady @djbradshaw64 @StopDys @AdamGer13430857 @DammitJean @SwaledaleMutton @Aw_what @PierreKory @DavidSmithwick @BottomleyFiona I have free will and an ability to assess risk. I don’t follow the herd as you do, I make my own choices. Ivermectin saves lives, why is the government reluctant to approve it? .
STEVETA12083651 CALIFORNIA @themicheniche My prayers for you and her...I've learned after many ups downs...losses...I have no idea what the Universe has planned for me...lives before this one...lives after this one...and above all: I have free will -- no matter what comes my way JOURNALIST-WRITER-SCREENWRITER-INDIE FILMMAKER...DIEHARD DEM LIB PROG...ARMY VET COLLEGE GRAD
rbe_expert @CptJinglePants @Duopolyinc Stochastic probability doesn't give you free will either. It looks like you've decided "I have free will" for some reason, and then you're grasping for ways in which that could be true, rather than the other way around: starting with what we know from science & making conclusions Everyone else is a you, that's the moral revolution. #RankedChoiceVoting #LeftSystem #BlamePhysicsNotVictims #GreenNewDeal #MedicareForAll
Derek83412755 After seeing what happy and preppy people look like, I don’t think I want to be happy. If I have free will, why can’t I kill myself? The value of your life is worth at least $1,200. Build suicide booths. It’d be a booming business after knowing life is a shame for the lower class I’m so happy and go lucky that lucky and happy people beat me up due to jealousy.
oli_tomlinson96 United Kingdom @Jamie_and_TDC I think there's a difference between will and ability. I have free will to fly like super man but I lack the ability to do so. I'm not well researched in this area but that's my two cents on it.
RichardBarrow Samut Prakan, Thailand Speaking personally, I’m not in a rush to be vaccinated as I am not in a high risk group. I will let others go first. Thai and foreign. Yes, I do want to be vaccinated but I want to have the option to chose which vaccine I’m given. Free is nice but I’m willing to pay. Thank you. British travel blogger living in #Thailand for 27 years. This is my personal account. All opinions are mine. Follow @ThaiNewsReports for #COVID19 news #StayHome
ANI India I've ordered 200 oxygen concentrators and will distribute them among people for free. It will start tomorrow. People have to bring doctor's prescription and patient's oxygen level details to get oxygen concentrators: BJP MP from East Delhi, Gautam Gambhir Asian News International. Multi-media news agency, content for information platforms: TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, mobiles
LinaHidalgoTX Harris County, TX I know some folks have been wanting to get the J&J vaccine because it’s only one shot. Starting Sunday 5/2 NRG Park will be offering both Pfizer and J&J vaccines. When you arrive you can choose the one you want. Vaccines are free, no insurance needed, and available noon-9 daily. Harris County Judge (executive of our nation’s third-largest county). Progressive. Texan. Runner. Proud immigrant. Official account: @HarrisCoJudge
retroblockchain Canada @datdominicano @Mattsi23 @Iceypoo1 @Balzs38093028 I need to add some free entry draws to the list and I will draw more tonight. We can easily see in my registered list, I have put them in order. ❤
burucchi Brazil. Or maybe the Internet. I won, guys. Bought Weta on the suptix before the free rolls had ended and didn't get a dupe of her Since there's only one more draw and the rate up will change early Sunday for us, I have beaten KMR (Unless I get her w/o a rate up on Sunday but he wouldn't do it, right) I want to be a galactic pretty boy. And a mahou shoujo.
AUTiger7222 Cullman, AL @jase1129 I’d have to look and see who will be on the open market. I haven’t looked at the free agent class for next year yet. Southern born and breed and damn proud of it!! I will not apologize for my southern pride!! War Eagle!! #ForTheA #RaysUp #LGRW #GoJetsGo
Donna29248181 Florida @GovRonDeSantis @TheFGA I sincerely hope ALL cruise lines will have to leave Florida, especially Miami! That's the least you deserve you piece of garbage! Can't wait to vote you OUT! Free and fair elections? You mean only for white people, right? Biden & Harris! theRESISTANCE MY RESCUES ROCK! Fully VACCINATED!! GET YOUR VACCINE! WEAR A DAMN MASK! Proudly FOLLOWED BY @GLENNKIRSCHNER2 #FBR #Resister
RD_Permissions @funnyhumour Hi! I'm with Reader's Digest and we're interested in publishing this tweet. Please let us know if we have your permission—it will be attributed to your handle. If you prefer to communicate via dm, feel free. Thanks!
reason2485 Essex @DCTABS Don’t worry cowboys will pay up I took them to ibas and got paid my money plus free bets worst site have go second opinion take weeks to reply gk play with ur heart love the game
Tru_Powell Birmingham City My legal team are on it but if you are that bad and so convinced the school is free from racism (although I’ve showed many examples with evidence) then show your face and let’s have a proper conversation. Until then your fake bottom will remain blocked #LindensPrimarySchool Award Winning Entrepreneur | Dir @AstonPAA | @TheAltEvents | @KandyGirl_UK | Board @brumhippodrome @CAcademies @tagnetworkmids | Seen on @gmb #BlackLivesMatter
InnocenceCapit1 Tall Stick / Planet Lovetron @JTabush @PinkPoloShorts Can I add some ranch dipping sauces? Or perhaps some of our new and improved wings? Do you have enough delicious Coca Cola beverages to slake your thirst? Feel free to add to your order, which will be to your door shortly. Because I am an innocent man. This is the end of the innocence. Not investment advice. Do your own work. Be excellent to each other. Relentlessly pragmatic.
MJKellySmith Lansing, MI Some people don't seem to know that the I in UI is insurance. Employees pay insurance out of every paycheck so they will have something to live on when they lose their job. It's not a handout and it's not "free" money. It's an insurance payment. Writer, editor, feminist, atheist, cat owner, tea drinker, chocolate addict, quilter, gardener, amateur painter, geek. Member of STC & ACES. She/her. #BLM #ACA
JeromeLiberated @JackPosobiec With Biden's plan I will get my Pell Grant doubled, 2 free years of community college, permanent EBT, and student loan forgiveness. I could probably make 50k a year going to school. I might have to... Gangsta rap made me do it Don't follow me please, I'm better off that way. Just let me live in a free state please
VVission123 Within You. With the other 12. Your choice to follow and I don't care if you follow or don't. You have FREE WILL. I love & others hate. Love & forgiveness gets hated and haters are loved. Again, have A nice day & peace be with you. Travel*Music Skateboarding 🛹 ⚾️ Baseball*** Loving You With ALL my ❤️ ON3 LO VE *+* Family Is Everything
joeliusdubois in the crib hello everyone :) ! I have the pleasure of showing my art along some fantastic and talented artists ( @babyboyflu @tiarettee ) May 22nd at the Arts in Color Gallery in Washington, DC. Free snacks & mimosas will be provided. Presented by @237_ent artist. prints, merch & more in link 📧
grave_domain he/him(+more)-lesbian-white-18 this is hard because i have to find a balance between like regular matchups that people will think are legit and crap like haru from free vs goku valentine/imp/psyche || i like to overanalyze characters from bad video games/shows || READ MY CARRD BYF || priv: @chiakiplushie (16+ mutuals only)
IvicaMol Although we have great insiders in Finnish and Slovak hockey, at the end of free picks we will play exclusively Balkan football. As I announced, we have a great match scheduled for the weekend, which we will announce just before the start. If you want more details. DM us. Just black hat picks ! We are currently running Day 13/30 with enormous +58.86 U of profit !
Omari_Sarfo Accra-Ghana @wilsondannydw Be honest small? Are u blind ?? Did u see any water flow? U don't support this government more than I do. But I don't have water. Feel free and go through my tl u will know where I stand by my tweets android app developer, and only support 2 teams. liverpool and the team playing against Manchester united. YNWA
TheSelfishBabe Atlanta, GA My SELFISHBABE APP is my free self love app that sends you a daily affirmation to your phone. Reading, saying and thinking these affirmations will help you change your mindset. I also have my top rated podcast: The SelfishTalk Podcast on there. Give it a listen. I am free to be me. I created @goddessdetox @selfishbabe I injoy speaking on my selfishtalkpodcast I am a spiritual woman ✨ Im on youtube.
cclisa1 Pennsylvania, USA Physicist John Droz and team have just published a new report on Election Integrity issues. I have not yet read it, but I will. You can read it here! Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments and please share this channel with your friends. Mom, wife and baker
debtbasher @MrAndyNgo @VCU I have a feeling VCU enrollment will be declining significantly next year. They will have to lower tuition and offer incentives like free beer and a communist manifesto for all incoming freshmen. We get rid of your debts!